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farm, stables & therapeutic riding centre in the Suir Valley, Kilmeaden

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Stables & Trails


Two American barns overlook a floodlit arena, and the farm's year round turnout paddocks stretch down to the River Dawn.  Riverside and woodland farm trails fringe Cullenagh's historic landmarks. 

Situated on the Waterford Greenway in Kilmeaden, Cullenagh Farm Stables provides year-round social farming and therapeutic riding.

For further information, please contact Evie through the form below or by phone at +353 83 8770992 or by email at info@cullenagh.com

Therapeutic Support


From the moment an individual arrives at the stables, they are welcomed into the environment as both a learner and a participant. 

Therapeutic riding is especially designed for people that have experienced social and/or physical challenges due to a diagnosed disability, mental health difficulties, behavioural difficulties or other issues that have brought about personal challenges for them. 

Placement preparation looks at any mobility or communication issues for the potential participant and ensures that they are fully facilitated within the farm environment. When necessary, a care worker may attend with a participant. 

The focus throughout the placement is on ability rather than on disability, with a recognition that each person has a unique role to play in bettering the environment for themselves and for others.

As a social intervention, therapeutic riding is carried out in a calm supported environment by a trained professional. 

Activities and exercises are carefully chosen and begin with simple tasks such as leading the horse, rugging and feeding.

Beginning with gentle interaction, therapeutic horsemanship increases self-esteem and nurtures the development of a healing and supportive bond between the horse and human. This experience can be carried into other relationships in the individual’s life, enhancing confidence and empathy. It also teaches new skills and an understanding of the horse’s environment.

Therapeutic riding impacts on different systems of the body, helping to regulate and stabilise them. Physical activity, cognitive stimulation and emotional connection are all supported, while the strength, rhythmic motion and warmth of the horse improve muscle tone, balance and coordination.

A lot of emphasis is placed on how the natural objects and features around us 

help to inform our understanding of the environment and our relationship with it, particularly nature’s role in facilitating physical and emotional wellbeing.

The concept of nature therapy (ecotherapy) and greencare stems from the belief that people are part of the web of life and are not isolated or separate from their environment. This realization provides us with great opportunity to explore our relationship with nature and with ourselves. 

For further information, please contact Evie through the form below or by phone at +353 83 8770992 or by email at info@cullenagh.com


Cullenagh Social Farm


Located in the picturesque County Waterford countryside on the banks of the River Dawn, Cullenagh provides year round social farming. 

We are on the Waterford Greenway in the Suir Valley area of Kilmeaden.

With a focus on greencare and biodiversity, weekly programmes include care of the horses and ponies, exploring the trails and paths, fishing and foraging and preparing food together. 

Placements generally span twelve weeks (usually a day a week from 10am to 3pm). Some placements are longer or shorter than this, as it depends greatly upon the needs of the participant and what their hopes and goals are.

Social farming promotes social inclusion and working together for the wellbeing of the individual and of society. We welcome participants from all walks of life. Participation encourages confidence building and the acquisition of new skills, while overcoming emotional or physical obstacles that may have held a person back from becoming an active participant in their own life story. 

At the heart of the placement is a belief in each individual’s ability to accomplish their goals. Nature can be our greatest guide on this journey.

Cullenagh is a member of Social Farming Ireland and all social farming referrals are processed by Waterford LEADER Partnership. Groups and individuals are facilitated. We receive referrals directly from individuals as well as from service providers.

For further information, please contact Evie through the form below or by phone at +353 83 8770992 or by email at info@cullenagh.com


Milly at Cullenagh Stables



Donna Sisler (West Virginia)

I recently visited Cullenagh Stables and I can tell you that the owners are not only qualified to provide social farming and therapeutic riding, they're also dedicated and caring. The location is beautiful and peaceful. It’s the package deal. I encourage you to pay them a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Tanya Power (County Waterford)

My daughter and I have frequently been to Cullenagh Stables. Each time has been a delight. The facilities are excellent, and you can always be sure of a warm welcome. We've been along the track. The scenery is beautiful - so much nature and fresh air and yet so close to the city. A real gem!

Sharon Frye (Oklahoma)


The owners of Cullenagh Stables are a passionate and caring team. I've had the great opportunity to watch them provide visitors with authentic concern and hospitality. The stunning location and grounds are in top-notch condition, contributing to a wonderful experience, but the staff make the utmost difference.

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