Equine Therapy and Therapeutic Riding

Evie Connolly


Evie is BHS qualified and a licensed health care professional with over ten year’s experience working in both community and hospital settings. 

She has integrated her training in the field of social work and creative arts therapies into farm and equine supported learning, and in 2018, commenced therapeutic riding training with Festina Lente Equestrian Centre.

While working in the field of mental health and advocacy, she devised and facilitated life-story work groups, both in hospitals and within the community. 

The therapeutic value of integrating meaningful art, stories, images and objects into an individual’s unique life story supports the development of a more positive self-image. It also facilitates greater ownership and connection with the environment around us. 

The Role of Nature


Evie has carried her interest in the area of life-story work into the development of social farming and therapeutic riding at Cullenagh, particularly in the enhancement of natural features on the farm. 

A lot of emphasis is placed on how the natural objects and features around us help to inform our understanding of the environment and our relationship with it, particularly nature’s role in facilitating physical and emotional wellbeing.

The concept of nature therapy (ecotherapy) and greencare stems from the belief that people are part of the web of life and are not isolated or separate from their environment. This realization provides us with great opportunity to explore our relationship with nature and with ourselves.